Paramore - Ain't It Fun (Cover/Analysis)

 Taylor and Hayley (source:  YouTube )

Taylor and Hayley (source: YouTube)

I hope Paramore's Taylor York doesn't mind being the first victim of my guitar blog, but here we go. 

Today we're looking at the tune "Aint It Fun" on Paramore's newest CD written by Hayley Williams and Taylor. The guitar playing in Paramore's music has always caused me to do a double take. Like many of their songs, "Ain't It Fun" is full of tight, syncopated grooves, melodic counterpoint, and cooler-than-average chords. 


 Fully tabbed out in Soundslice

Fully tabbed out in Soundslice

To get the most out of this breakdown, be sure to follow along to with my Soundslice transcription, where the guitar playing is fully tabbed out and synced to the YouTube video.


My favorite personal takeaway from digging into this tune would be the way Taylor augments your normal power chord. In the choruses, check out the way he stacks two power chords on top of each other and in one, even adds a 9th. It makes for a nice, punchy sound that's very unique to Paramore's music. This could be a tasty trick to add to your bag.
Diagram of the A5 (add 9) chord used in the choruses (in drop d)